Rhapsody in Bloo

A dogumentary of my life with my reactive dog Bloo



Welcome to Rhapsody in Bloo, a dogumentary of a dog named Bloo. We are pawsitively ecstatic that you stopped by our bloog. Here is where it all began:

I had been searching for a companion for quite some time when I came across a picture of a dog that was on his way from a kill shelter in South Carolina to a safe shelter in Vermont. His name was Bloo.

I went to the shelter on my lunch hour on a Friday in August to meet him as he was just getting off the truck from a very long ride.

As the shelter worker tried to coax him out of the crate, he sat in the back shaking and only offered his paw. He looked so sad and so scared I just wanted to scoop him up in my arms.

I hadn’t planned on taking home a dog, I was just going to look, but when we met I couldn’t leave him.

Six dogs came to Vermont that day but there was only room for five at the shelter. So as unplanned as it was, I went and bought a collar and a leash at the doggie daycare next door, took the rest of the day off from work and adopted my new best friend.

These are our stories.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Such a sweet love story. You “done good” by your actions that Friday in August:) He is so deserving of your affection and commitment to acclimating him to his new way of living….truly living. Well done!!

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