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Gnawin’ Forever – Product Review

dog chew toy

As a dog owner, I’m always on the lookout for the perfect dog toy. One that keeps him occupied for long periods of time, that’s enjoyable and doesn’t poison him with crazy chemical laden materials.

For Christmas Bloo’s Auntie Erin gave him the “ultimate interactive chew toy – Gnawin’ Forever.” The toy’s claim to fame is that it is supposed to keep him busy for up to two hours.

There is a rawhide bone in the middle that spins so when the dog starts to eat it, it is difficult to get at. The toy is designed to force the dog to use his front teeth instead of his back teeth which is apparently why it takes him so long to get at the goods. The rawhide part is replaceable implying this toy can last “forever,” hence the name.

So we gave it to Bloo to see if it truly was the perfect dog toy and here’s what we found: Continue reading