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Gnawin’ Forever – Product Review

dog chew toy

As a dog owner, I’m always on the lookout for the perfect dog toy. One that keeps him occupied for long periods of time, that’s enjoyable and doesn’t poison him with crazy chemical laden materials.

For Christmas Bloo’s Auntie Erin gave him the “ultimate interactive chew toy – Gnawin’ Forever.” The toy’s claim to fame is that it is supposed to keep him busy for up to two hours.

There is a rawhide bone in the middle that spins so when the dog starts to eat it, it is difficult to get at. The toy is designed to force the dog to use his front teeth instead of his back teeth which is apparently why it takes him so long to get at the goods. The rawhide part is replaceable implying this toy can last “forever,” hence the name.

So we gave it to Bloo to see if it truly was the perfect dog toy and here’s what we found:

Two-hour chew time and then some

dog chew toyThe toy’s claim to offer up to two hours of chew time is not only accurate but the toy exceeded it’s claim. Bloo, not only chewed this for over 2.5 hours, he may have even dreamed about it as he jumped from the bed the next morning to find his toy again.

It says on the package that this toy keeps your dog challenged, entertained and always coming back for more. For this, the toy delivered.

For the entire time he chewed that toy, the outside world for Bloo was non-existent. He was determined to chew every last bit of that rawhide.

If I had to grade this toy on chew time and entertainment it would definitely get an A+.

Gnawin’ Forever

dog toyThe name is a bit misleading however, this is not a forever toy, at least for Bloo. Though the rawhide is replaceable, Bloo was smart enough to start ripping apart the outside to get at it. Fortunately, he didn’t eat the  plastic part of it, he just chewed it off to make it easier to reach the rawhide.

I’m not sure what the toy is made out of but I’m pretty sure I don’t want him eating the plastic from it. (Unfortunately I threw out the packaging before reading the ingredients).

As far as a forever toy, according to Bloo, it didn’t stand a chance. This is of course only Bloo’s experience. Maybe another dog might not be as tenacious.

Overall review

Overall, the toy is definitely a good concept. It did keep Bloo busy for hours. I’m disappointed though that I had to throw it away at the end of it because it was in pieces. We are thankful though for the Christmas present from Auntie Erin and hope to enjoy trying different toys out to see how they fair.



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