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Dogmageddon, a dog’s 4th of July

4th of JulyIt’s the 4th of July weekend and a celebratory one for us humans. However, in a dog’s life it’s probably one of the most stressful. With lots of people, cars, dogs, fireworks, parades and all sorts of new and exciting noises surrounding us, you can’t blame them for being a bit stressed.

This past week has been a ruff one for the dogs (and their people) in my neighborhood. In two days, three dogs got off their leash and ran free on our busy street. One got hit by a car (and is doing fine now, thank God) and the other two decided to attack my little boy Bloo and in the process I got a big ole dog bite (or two) that is now sporting nice shade of purple. Luckily my leg will heal and all dogs involved are fine.

It’s just a reminder that this time of year can be a stressful one for our pets, it’s a time I like to call, Dogmageddon.

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