Rhapsody in Bloo

A dogumentary of my life with my hooman

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Training a reactive dog

dog parkBloo and I have been together now for a year and a half. During our time together we’ve been working diligently on his separation anxiety, reactivity and basic dog manners. He has come a long way.

When I first got Bloo I couldn’t walk him on a leash near people, dogs, squirrels, cyclists or anything moving basically, without him lunging, barking and pretty much going nuts. It made for some stressful walks for both of us.

In the last year though, through repetition and lots of patience, we have made loads of progress. We can now walk down the street on a leash while runners run by, cyclists ride by and people walk close to us. We still get a bit distracted by squirrels, in Bloo’s defense they are just asking to be chased. We also still have some work to do when we see other dogs on a leash.

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My dog needs a job

dog training tips

Bloo waiting for breakfast

I could be biased but my dog is smart. He learns quickly and gets bored easily. So our trainer says he’s needs a job. Unfortunately, not the kind of job that makes any money. Bloo needs a job that occupies his mind and uses his instincts.

Since he doesn’t play very often (he never actually learned how to play as a puppy), I needed to come up with something for him to do around the house. Both to occupy his mind and help him expel some of his energy.

If you think about it, dogs in the wild don’t eat their food out of a bowl. They sniff it out and forage for it.  So we have changed our breakfast and dinner regime to give Bloo the opportunity to sniff out his food and find it.

Here’s how it works:

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