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Busted, with one paw in the cookie jar

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Me loves cookies…

The other day the UPS guy dropped off a package to my house which was not actually mine. The address was my number but not my street. The box was addressed to someone who lived on the other side of town. So, I brought the package in the house put it on the stairs and had every intention of driving it over to the correct address on my way home from work.

The next morning I woke up to some drama in my house. I called in to work and let them know I wouldn’t be there as I had to take care of the water filling up my basement. A friend of mine came over to assess the situation and recommended we go straight away to the hardware store and buy a pump to pump out my basement. Which we did.


The box

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Play like a dog

Dog playBloo and I can attest to the rumor that rescue dogs don’t know how to play. I know it sounds weird. I mean how can a dog not know how to play tug, fetch or ball? Doesn’t that just come with being a dog?

But when I first got my pooch, this was one thing among many, he just didn’t know.

Because I don’t have kids, I will admit, Bloo has become my surrogate child. I love him that much. Which is why I am doing everything in my power to give him the best life I can. But as our dog trainer reminds us, he’s still a dog and needs to act like one.

So aside from teaching him how to sit, stay, give me five, and come on command, I had to teach him how to play like a dog. And, like anything, it has taken a lot of time.

All our work seems to be paying off though. Now, not only does Bloo play tug, but he also plays fetch. He’ll fetch it, bring it back and drop it so I can throw it again. Here’s proof:

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Love, Doggie-Style

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My little snuggle bug

I’ve always loved dogs and my dogs in particular. I’m one of those crazy dog ladies (hence the dog blog), and yet I’m still amazed at the lessons of love my little pooch continues to teach me.

I was watching a sappy movie recently (I also love sappy movies), and one of the lines was, “Love is a gift.” This dog reminds me of this gift every single day. He loves me so much, as I write this he is licking the crumbs of my breakfast off my lap.

He does a lot for me. He comforts me when I’m sad, he starts my day with kisses, and he’s always so happy to see me when I come home that he jumps up as high as he can to kiss me. I know he never meant to give me that bloody lip.

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