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Lessons from my furry Valentine

Valentines Day

Since the 17th Century people have been celebrating Saint Valentine’s day by exchanging tokens of their affection to the ones they love. It can be very romantic and a good excuse to take time to appreciate that someone special in your life. For me that someone special is my dog Bloo.

You might think that because of this (and the fact that I have dog blog), I might be a little dog crazy. This could be true (but seriously, look at that face!).

This year, on Valentine’s Day I’m celebrating all the gifts that Mr. B. has given me. He’s given me the gift of love, companionship, entertainment, security, and the thought of coming home to someone who is excited to see me every…single…time. He reminds me daily what sacrifice and comprise means and how we should always live in the moment.

So this Valentine’s day, in the midsts of our busy lives, let’s take a moment to reflect on the gifts we receive daily from the ones we love.

Happy Valentine’s Day.