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Who is a good boy?

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whosagooddoggieI’m not sure why, but I find myself often saying in that high pitched I’m-talking-to-my-dog voice, ” who’s a good boy.” Where did this come from? And why do we constantly ask our dogs rhetorical questions? It’s not like I expect him to answer. And the truth is I already know the answer.

I’m not the only person that does this. I’m pretty sure every dog owner on the face of the planet has asked this question at some point or another.

So I did a little research on how it all started and why we say that all famous “Who’s a good boy.”

Though there is no real evidence of anyone coining the phrase, I did find this great article entitled Nation’s Dog Owners Demand to Know Who’s a Good Boy by the Onion, which further begs the question of where it all started. And this isn’t the only phrase we say. Here are a few more:

  • Who wants to go out?
  • Who wants their belly rubbed?
  • Who is the bestest of all the best boys?

Dog owners are a special breed in themselves. We view our pets as family members and cannot give them enough of our love and attention. Yet I can’t help but wonder when we became so silly asking questions to a beast that will never actually answer. I mean seriously, it’s not who’s a good boy, the question is, who isn’t?




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