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Garbage, It’s what’s for dinner

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I love my dog. I really do. But I wonder what it is about garbage that is so enticing to him, and why he feels like he has to rearrange the whole house with it.

He’s not the only dog in the world to do this as you can see from the video below. In fact, every dog I have ever had has gotten into the garbage at one point or another. But Bloo, he makes a B-line for the garbage the minute I shut the door to leave. I suspect he knows he’s not supposed to do this, because he doesn’t touch it when I’m home.

I have a locking garbage can but that doesn’t deter him. He drags the whole damn thing throughout the house until it finally opens and reveals his treasure.

From what I gather, he pulls it out piece by piece and particularly loves to spread the coffee grinds in the little nooks and crannies of my house making it extremely difficult to clean up, even with my Dyson.

He loves ripping apart the paper towels, and licking clean every meat and cracker packaging until it looks brand new. He also loves spreading rotted food around the floor because it smells good next to the coffee grinds. I now why his breath always smells like garbage. But I still don’t understand why he loves it so. I guess I never will.

I leave you with one of my favorite videos of poor Tank who also seems to enjoy the sweet taste of garbage:


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