Rhapsody in Bloo

A dogumentary of my life with my hooman

The life lessons my dog taught me

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blooI got a rescue dog because I knew there are so many unwanted dogs out there that need homes and since I wanted a dog I could provide the perfect home for one of them. In my small gesture I was trying to save the world one dog at a time. What turned out though, is that in my quest to save a dog, the dog actually saved me.

Less than six months ago I adopted Bloo. I saw this cute little pooch who was on death row and I wanted to give him a chance. So I adopted him on the spot.

When I got him, it wasn’t really an ideal time to get a dog. I was in the process of buying a house and needed a temporary place to live while I waited for my closing. But when I met Bloo my heart melted and I had to take him home that day. I knew I could give him the love he needed. And the kennel only had 5 spots and 6 dogs so it seemed like the right thing to do.

As you probably know, moving is one of life’s most stressful events. And buying a house as a single women is only icing on the cake.  I have to say though with Bloo by my side both as a distraction and companion, life became much easier.

Without knowing it and without even trying this dog has taught me so many life lessons in the short period of time we’ve been together. I taught him how to sit, stay, roll over, and come when called. In return here is what he taught me:

  • Don’t take life too seriously – Instead of spending time worrying about the small stuff, spend more time enjoying the breeze in your face, savoring the taste of a good bone meal and relish in your time with friends and loved ones.
  • Live in the moment – What is most important in life is what’s happening in this very moment, not what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. Now is all we have.
  • Move on from your mistakes – It doesn’t serve the world to fret over our mistakes. Own up to it and move on. So you ate the garbage this morning, get over it. That moment has passed.
  • A little cuddle time goes a long way –  Sometimes we just need to be touched, petted and kissed to feel loved.
  • Make time for play – Play time helps feed the soul. A happy soul equals a happy life.

I knew having a dog would be a lot of work. I knew I would have to change my lifestyle a bit to accommodate his needs. I knew I would have to spend time training him and money feeding him. But I guess I just forgot just how rewarding a dog can be. I guess I forgot how much love they can give. I guess I forgot how much I’d learn.


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