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11 Random things my dog ate

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dog blogI’m always amazed at some of the things Bloo finds tasty when I’m not home. I’m not sure it matters for how long I am gone for, he seems to find pleasure in eating the most random things in my absence.

I’ve had dogs most of my life. They’ve chewed shoes, eaten socks and one of them even ate a hole in my wall (this sparked a 6 year relationship with a carpenter because of it, but that’s another story).

But Bloo, he seems to find the oddest things to sink his teeth into. Things you wouldn’t think to put away when you leave the house.

In the last few months, here are a few of them that he particularly enjoyed, and sometimes twice:

  1. A whole tub of coconut oil – He took the whole coconut oil is good for dogs thing way too seriously. I think  he may have puked up his body weight and maybe more after this tasty treat. At least his coat is shiny and soft now.
  2. Pumice stone – All I can say is ouch!
  3. My water bill – I swear. He actually ate most of my bills that day but this one is the only one that is late now because of it.
  4. Tupperware – In his defense there were yummy left-overs in it.
  5. Burt’s Bees hand cream – At least his breath smells like a summer breeze now.
  6. A Djembe – Maybe he wants to be in the band. Or maybe the drum smelled like a big rawhide.
  7. Flour – Nothing like pulling dough out of a dog’s teeth.
  8. 3/4 of a bottle of Zinc – Maybe he wanted to boost his immune system?
  9. A bottle of Vitamin B12 – Apparently he pees this out.
  10. Garbage – A given, it’s a dog standard.
  11. The stick shift in my car – I think the teeth marks give it character.

I’ll give him a little bit of credit in that he is only a year and a half old and a rescue, so in essence he’s still a puppy and still testing his boundaries. I just wonder how long this is going to go on for and how much puke I’ll have to clean up before he learns that none of these are chew toys or dog treats and it is not okay to eat them.


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