Rhapsody in Bloo

A dogumentary of my life with my hooman

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11 Reasons why my dog is better than a boyfriend

dog blogWhen I asked the universe for true love. I got exactly what I wanted — a dog.  Bloo and I have a very simple relationship. I love him and he loves me. It’s literally that simple.

Though we don’t speak the same language per se, we do communicate quite well with each other. He knows when I’m sad, I know when he’s scared,  and we both know when the other needs a little attention. Our relationship is simple, loving and much easier than most.

As a woman in a place where single women outnumber the single men, dating can be daunting and finding that perfect guy can seem impossible. But when I think about my 50 pound pooch, I realize my relationship with him is much easier than with any guy I could ever find. Here’s why:

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11 Random things my dog ate

dog blogI’m always amazed at some of the things Bloo finds tasty when I’m not home. I’m not sure it matters for how long I am gone for, he seems to find pleasure in eating the most random things in my absence.

I’ve had dogs most of my life. They’ve chewed shoes, eaten socks and one of them even ate a hole in my wall (this sparked a 6 year relationship with a carpenter because of it, but that’s another story).

But Bloo, he seems to find the oddest things to sink his teeth into. Things you wouldn’t think to put away when you leave the house.

In the last few months, here are a few of them that he particularly enjoyed, and sometimes twice:

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