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Don’t spook the dog this Halloween

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Dogs on HaalloweenIt’s that time of year again for trick-or-treaters, costumes and candy. All of which can be very scary for our furry friends. This Halloween take some precautions to keep your pooch safe from the spookiness.

No people treats for your sweets

Be sure to keep the candy jar out of reach as even the smallest piece of chocolate can be dangerous for your dog. Instead give him dog treats to celebrate this spooky day. Here are some of Bloo’s favorites:

No candles for the light of your life

Though candles can create ambience in your home, many candles reduce the air quality in your home and can be toxic for you and your dog, not to mention a fire hazard if your dog’s tail has a mind of its own. Instead try using spooky Halloween String Lights or just dimming your house lights.

Make costumes optional

Don’t force your dog to wear a costume. Though some dogs love the attention, it can be scary for others. Err on the side of caution.

You dog doesn’t have to be a trick-or-treater greeter

People coming to your door in costumes can be very upsetting to your pooch so keep them in a safe room while trick-or-treaters visit. It’s okay for your dog to be a party pooper as he might be happier in a quiet room away from the party. Their den or crate is a great place for them to be when the ghouls come a knockin’.

Make sure your dog has an ID

If you’re out and about with your dog make sure he/she has a dog ID tag on in case they get spooked and run off.

Have a safe and spooky Halloween!


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