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Don’t spook the dog this Halloween

Dogs on HaalloweenIt’s that time of year again for trick-or-treaters, costumes and candy. All of which can be very scary for our furry friends. This Halloween take some precautions to keep your pooch safe from the spookiness.

  • No treats for your sweets – be sure to keep the candy jar out of reach as even the smallest piece of chocolate can be dangerous for your dog.
  • No candles – many candles are toxic for dogs and can be dangerous if knocked over.
  • Make costumes optional – Don’t force your dog to wear a costume. Though some dogs love the attention, it can be scary for others.
  • You dog doesn’t have to be a trick-or-treater greeter – People coming to your door in costumes can be very upsetting to your pooch so keep them in a safe room while trick-or-treaters visit.
  • Welcome party poopers – it’s okay for your dog to be a party pooper and might be happier in a quiet room away from the party.
  • Make sure your dog has an ID – If you’re out and about with your dog make sure he/she has an id tag on in case they get spooked and run off.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!