Rhapsody in Bloo

A dogumentary of my life with my hooman

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11 Random things my dog ate

dog blogI’m always amazed at some of the things Bloo finds tasty when I’m not home. I’m not sure it matters for how long I am gone for, he seems to find pleasure in eating the most random things in my absence.

I’ve had dogs most of my life. They’ve chewed shoes, eaten socks and one of them even ate a hole in my wall (this sparked a 6 year relationship with a carpenter because of it, but that’s another story).

But Bloo, he seems to find the oddest things to sink his teeth into. Things you wouldn’t think to put away when you leave the house.

In the last few months, here are a few of them that he particularly enjoyed, and sometimes twice:

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Building a dog park, building a community

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 10.02.23 AMI lived on this beautiful road in Waterbury for 3 years. During those years I can’t tell you how many times I walked up and down that road. There were wooded trails behind my house which were great for snowshoeing in the winter, hiking and mountain biking in the summer. And I took full advantage no matter what the season.

During my 3 years there, I never once met my neighbors. Not one. Ever.

I didn’t have a dog then. It’s different when you have dogs.

I have now lived in my new house for 4 months and have already met 3 of my neighbors and countless other dog owners out walking their dogs on the trails behind my house.

My point is, dogs bring people together.

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The life lessons my dog taught me

blooI got a rescue dog because I knew there are so many unwanted dogs out there that need homes and since I wanted a dog I could provide the perfect home for one of them. In my small gesture I was trying to save the world one dog at a time. What turned out though, is that in my quest to save a dog, the dog actually saved me.

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Garbage, It’s what’s for dinner

I love my dog. I really do. But I wonder what it is about garbage that is so enticing to him, and why he feels like he has to rearrange the whole house with it.

He’s not the only dog in the world to do this as you can see from the video below. In fact, every dog I have ever had has gotten into the garbage at one point or another. But Bloo, he makes a B-line for the garbage the minute I shut the door to leave. I suspect he knows he’s not supposed to do this, because he doesn’t touch it when I’m home.

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Who is a good boy?

whosagooddoggieI’m not sure why, but I find myself often saying in that high pitched I’m-talking-to-my-dog voice, ” who’s a good boy.” Where did this come from? And why do we constantly ask our dogs rhetorical questions? It’s not like I expect him to answer. And the truth is I already know the answer.

I’m not the only person that does this. I’m pretty sure every dog owner on the face of the planet has asked this question at some point or another.

So I did a little research on how it all started and why we say that all famous “Who’s a good boy.”

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My dog needs a job

dog training tips

Bloo waiting for breakfast

I could be biased but my dog is smart. He learns quickly and gets bored easily. So our trainer says he’s needs a job. Unfortunately, not the kind of job that makes any money. Bloo needs a job that occupies his mind and uses his instincts.

Since he doesn’t play very often (he never actually learned how to play as a puppy), I needed to come up with something for him to do around the house. Both to occupy his mind and help him expel some of his energy.

If you think about it, dogs in the wild don’t eat their food out of a bowl. They sniff it out and forage for it.  So we have changed our breakfast and dinner regime to give Bloo the opportunity to sniff out his food and find it.

Here’s how it works:

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Home alone

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 5.25.04 PMThough I love the doggie daycare that I send Bloo to, it’s starting to take a toll on my wallet. And to be honest I’ve had dogs my whole life and have never brought them to daycare while I worked.

There are many benefits to daycare however. I don’t have to worry about him during the day. I don’t have to rush home to let him out. He’s not lonely and he can’t get into anything. Not to mention, the daycare takes pictures of all the dogs on a daily basis. I have to admit, at lunch time I’m always looking for that picture of my little boy Bloo. Continue reading

Gnawin’ Forever – Product Review

dog chew toy

As a dog owner, I’m always on the lookout for the perfect dog toy. One that keeps him occupied for long periods of time, that’s enjoyable and doesn’t poison him with crazy chemical laden materials.

For Christmas Bloo’s Auntie Erin gave him the “ultimate interactive chew toy – Gnawin’ Forever.” The toy’s claim to fame is that it is supposed to keep him busy for up to two hours.

There is a rawhide bone in the middle that spins so when the dog starts to eat it, it is difficult to get at. The toy is designed to force the dog to use his front teeth instead of his back teeth which is apparently why it takes him so long to get at the goods. The rawhide part is replaceable implying this toy can last “forever,” hence the name.

So we gave it to Bloo to see if it truly was the perfect dog toy and here’s what we found: Continue reading

Separation Anxiety – Can it be cured?

dog love

Yes, he gets to cuddle on the couch.

When Bloo and I first met we were inseparable. We went everywhere together. Mostly because when I would leave for just a few minutes he’d bark, whine, and rip apart my roommates blinds or my friend’s garbage. He’d pace through the house and pant profusely at just the mere thought of me putting on my shoes. And when I returned, even if only gone for 30 seconds, he’d jump all over me as if I had been gone for weeks.

Needless to say, it was stressful for us both. Though I had gained a loving family member I had lost a social life.

I realized this wasn’t sustainable so I started to do some serious research on separation anxiety. What I learned was that this was pretty common in shelter dogs and luckily it is treatable. Continue reading

A Walk in The Bark Park

dog park

Hurry up Mom, let’s goooo.

These days walking my dog is a full body workout. He’s only 50 pounds in weight but damn can that dog pull.

Needless to say, he is a bit of a handful on the leash. He’s all muscle and has a vision of where he wants to go and how quickly he wants to get there. And most of the time, I don’t share the same vision.

That’s why I’m so thankful that my cute little town is building a dog park, appropriately called – The Bark Park. And yesterday we went to give it a test run.

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